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As we all know, SARS has something to do with the eating of wild animals.Should we eat wild animals?

7out of 10 of the student think that eating wild animals is not right.
First, we might have diseases by eating wild animals,which have bad effect to our health.
Second, it would does bad to the environment,for eating wild animals would destory the eco-balance.
Third, it is a waste of money to eat wild animals.

In the other hand, 3 out of 10 of the student think that eating animals shouldnot be forbidden.
For wild animals are delicious. To eat the manfed animals would not have bad effect to the environment, and we would not have diseas if it is cooked in a right way.

In my opinion, anyway, eating wild animals is not right. They are animals not vegetable.
They are human’s friends. They have their right to live. We should not tread our friends in an unfriendly way.

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